Thirsty Thursday


It's Thirsty Thursday!

There's no better way to relax and enjoy a cool, late summer, evening than by sitting on a patio with a glass of wine. Since it’s Fall, it’s fair to assume you’ve swilled your fair share of white wines and rosés and are looking at the list of reds with a bit of longing. Don’t wait until the leaves start turning!


We're offering our 2013 Sy-rific-Cab and 2013 Zinfandel at

$13 per bottle 


Offer valid on BY THE CASE (12 bottle) orders until November 1, 2019




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2013 Sy-rific-Cab [THIRSTY THURSDAY]

12 bottles

12 bottles

2013 Zinfandel [THIRSTY THURSDAY]

12 bottles

2013 Sy-rific-Cab & Zinfandel [THIRSTY THURSDAY]

6 bottles each